Sushi on fire

This is Asian Food for Everyone

The Story

We opened our first store in south Germany in october 2013. The immediate success made us develop the concept with time and precision for the coming stores.

Today we have 5 restaurants. This year we are planing to open 2 new restaurants in Germany and 2 new restaurants in Cluj-Napoca.

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The beginning

In 2010 we began exploring the world’s different cuisines from Sweden to America to Asia. Before the idea came in place for wok on fire we spent a lot of time in Thailand. Traveling around all of the country. We then started to develop our own Thai-kitchen concept most important for us was the authenticity of the Thai cuisine with our European modern twist.

We always cook fresh and only use the best quality ingredients for our food.

What we don’t eat, we don’t sell.

The foundations and aspirations of our business will always remain true to our customers.

We strive to give our customers value for the money.
And the feedback and energy from our fans continue to be our inspiration.
Our passions and Entrepreneurial culture will ensure that we always will try to be the best in safety, quality and assurance – Today and in the coming future


Fried Sushi Rolls

Must try - Best Seller

Ramen Soups

Yakitori Grill

Family Plate

30 BUC. 156 LEI

10 Roasted Onion Creveti
10 Alaska
10 Vegan Maki Rolls

60 BUC. 310 LEI

20 Roasted Onion Creveti
20 Alaska
20 Vegan Maki Rolls

Vegan Plate

30 BUC. 142 LEI

10 Vegan Maki
10 Vegan Tofu
10 Spicy Veggie

60 BUC. 282 LEI

20 Vegan Maki
20 Vegan Tofu
20 Spicy Veggie

Order & Pickup

Orders can be made by phone number 0364 736 953
Pick-up from the restaurant, address Piața Unirii 27, Cluj-Napoca 400000, Romania

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Private Events / Catering

If you are looking for:

Or if you have any special requests, please contact us

Book A table

Indulge in a culinary adventure at our exquisite restaurant. Booking a table is a breeze, ensuring that your dining experience is a seamless delight. Choose your preferred date and time, and let us know for how many people. 

Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a celebration with friends, we’re here to make your reservation effortless and memorable. Book your table now and get the experience of a fantastic meal in our warm and welcoming ambiance, where every dish is a handcrafted masterpiece served with love.


Working Hours:
Monday-Sturday: 11-22
Sunday: 12-22